Undergraduate Studies

Arts and Sciences at Rutgers–Newark consists of two liberal arts colleges:

Newark College of Arts and Sciences
NCAS is a four-year liberal arts school offering broad and rigorous exposure to the Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities and Visual and Performing Arts.

University CollegeNewark
UCN is a liberal arts school for adult students who have work and family obligations during the day and wish to attend classes in the evenings or on Saturdays. Most UCN major programs also offer minor programs.

Students in both colleges can choose from a wide range of studies to build educational experiences that best suit their individual interests and needs, and the Office of Academic Services can provide guidance during this process.


Programs of Study


NCAS Degrees

UCN Degrees

African American and African Studies B.A., minor  
Ancient and Medieval Civilizations B.A., minor  
Anthropology B.A., minor  
Art B.A., minor  
Art History minor  
Asian Studies minor  
Visual Arts B.F.A.  
Biology B.A., B.S., minor  
Chemistry B.A., minor  
Clinical Laboratory Science B.S.  
Cognitive Neuroscience minor  
Computer Science B.A., minor B.A.
Creative Writing minor  
Economics B.A., minor B.A.
English B.A., minor B.A.
Earth and Environmental Science B.S., minor  
Film Studies minor  
Geology B.S., minor  
Geoscience Engineering B.S.  
History B.A., minor B.A.
Information Systems B.A.  
International Affairs minor  
Journalism and Media Studies B.A., minor  
Legal Studies minor  
LGBTQ Studies minor  
Mathematics B.A., minor B.A.
Mathematics, Applied B.A.  
Medical Imaging Sciences B.S.  
Music B.A., minor  
Peace & Conflict Studies minor minor
Philosophy B.A., minor B.A.
Physics B.S., minor  
Physics, Applied B.A.  
Political Science B.A., minor B.A.
Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies B.A., minor  
Psychology B.A., minor B.A.
Social Work B.A., minor B.A.
Sociology B.A., minor B.A.
Spanish B.A., minor  
Theater B.A., minor  
Video Production B.A., minor  
Women's Studies B.A., minor